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Your username for WeBWorK courses is the same as your OBU login - everything that comes before the "" in your email address. So, for example, if Frank's OBU email address is, then his WeBWorK username is frank25.

The first time you login to your WeBWorK course, your password will be exactly the same as your username. So to continue our example above, Frank's initial password is frank25. You should immediately change your password upon your first successful login.

Note that WeBWorK passwords are not shared between courses. So if you have used WeBWorK before, you will still use the initial password as indicated above when logging into a new course. If you want your passwords for all WeBWorK courses to be the same, you will have to change them individually to the same password.

Also note that WeBWorK's system is case sensitive, so you should use only lowercase letters for your username and initial password.